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2020 Garden Gift Guide

The holidays are approaching rapidly and it is time to get gifts for the people in your circle. I always struggle with picking gifts out for people so my husband and I started doing homemade gifts. We always make everyone we see around the holidays chocolate chip cookies and ginger snaps. Last year I added the addition of seeds I collected from my garden.

Taking the time to make homemade gifts isn't in the cards for everyone especially food that has the potential to spoil if you are going to travel or have to mail them. Below you will find my favorite garden items that would make perfect gifts for the gardener in your life.

My husband actually got me a hori hori knife for my birthday last year and I was skeptical to say the least, but now it is pretty much the only hand tool I use in the garden. They cut, dig, they generally have measurements in the sides as well. I transplant plants with it, clear old plants with it, plant seedlings with it, the possibilities are endless.


This may seems like something you shouldn't get because I know some people can be particular about what they grow in their garden but it can also be a fun way for them to try new seeds, and if they don't like the seeds you get I can guarantee you they wont be wasted. Us gardeners are fond of seed swapping and experimenting. If you are still unsure you could always do a gift card to their favorite seed store. My favorite seed stores are MIgardener and Baker Creek if you aren't sure where your gardener shops.

So this one might also seem like a no brainer and I know some gardeners are very anti-gloves, but sometimes you just need them. My favorite gloves are long rose pruning ones. I do not use them for roses though, I use them for ZUCCHINI! When I prune my zucchini, which I do often, I get cuts and scrapes all over my arms and these gloves are the perfect prevention for that. I also use them for all sorts of other things in the garden.

I bought this seed storage box for myself this year and I am so glad I did. I had my seeds just in envelopes all over the house and was losing my mind trying to keep track of them all. I bought mine on Amazon but I have noticed they go on sale every now and then at Michael's.

5. Hat

This might just be a me thing but I LOVE HATS, especially when gardening. I am a big baseball hat fan (the one linked is one I just bought for my gardener cousin for her birthday). Some people may prefer a sun hat, but hats and gardens go hand in had, and just like seeds you can never have too many!

I hope this helps you pick out the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. When in doubt, get them a pile of manure!

Happy Holidays all!

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