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2021 Garlic

Hello all!

It is garlic planting time!!!

Here is the link to my article on how I grow garlic, but I wanted to share what garlic I planted this year!

This year I planted:

  • Lorz Italian (softneck)

  • Kettle River (softneck)

  • German Extra Hardy (hardneck)

I also have 5 more cloves of Amish Rocambole and Persian Star (the ones not in red bags) that I MIGHT plant, but am not sure I have the space for.

In total I planted around 50 cloves, last year I planted and harvested around 30.

Dug my holes leaving 3 inches on all sides of the garlic.
Broke the garlic heads apart, leaving the skin on each clove.
Placed each clove in its hole about 2 inches deep and covered in dirt.
Topped the bed off with leaves to keep it all tucked in for winter.

Easy as that!

I hope you are planting garlic this year. It is such a fun and easy thing to grow!

Happy gardening!


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