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Benefits of Rabbits in the Garden (Fertilizer)

Last weekend I picked up two, eight-week-old, New Zealand rabbits from a local breeder. The main reason I got them, besides them being absolutely adorable, is because rabbit poop makes an amazing fertilizer for plants.

Rabbit droppings break down slowly over time and add nitrogen back to your soil, which is essential for plant health. Bonus, worms love it also, so you're garden will be full of beneficial worms as well if you add bunny droppings.

Clementine & Clover

You can use rabbit droppings as a fertilizer in several ways:

1. Compost

You can add the droppings and bedding (depending on the type) directly to your compost bin. I am using aspen shavings for my bunnies and aspen shavings are safe to add to your compost. Not all types of bedding can be added to compost so do your research before dumping all of the bedding in your compost bins and piles.

2. Directly on Plants

Rabbit droppings are considered cold, meaning it does not have to sit and age before adding it to your garden. Just add the droppings directly to your garden after cleaning out the cage and let them work their magic with no threat of your plants getting burnt.

3. Compost Tea

Another way to use rabbit droppings is to make compost tea. Making compost tea is a great way to fertilize smaller plants and seedlings.

To make rabbit dropping tea, you will need to fill up a bucket about a quarter of the way with rabbit droppings, then fill the rest of the bucket up with water. Let the mixture soak for a couple of days until the water has turned a darker color, similar to that of tea. Give it a few stirs while it is sitting to help it along the way. Then, voila, you have an amazing organic fertilizer that you can use to water your plants with.

I will be sure to update you on how my plants do with this new form of compost and fertilizer as the season goes on.

Happy Gardening!


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