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DIY Backyard Fire Pit

Since creating my backyard desert oasis I had this idea pop into my head of roasting s'mores in the backyard in our own little fire pit. So automatically jumped on Amazon to buy one but was honestly surprised at the cost, so I just forgot about it. Then Spring rolled around and the idea popped back into my head, and I thought there had to be a cheaper option and OF COURSE THERE WAS!

First thing I did was pick a spot, a lot of running takes place in our backyard and I didn't want toddlers or dogs falling all over it.

Once spot was secured, we need supplies.

Supply list:

  • 48 retaining wall blocks of your choosing.

They also have these which are a bit cheaper and bigger, I personally wanted the smaller bricks so it didn't take up too much running space.

PRO TIP-do the math correct the first time so you don't have to go back to Lowe's to buy TWO MORE BRICKS and have a sad incomplete fire pit just looking at you.

Once you have all of the supplies it is time to get to work!

  1. Place one row of bricks in a circle where you want them to go and trace the outside of them (you can use spray paint, a piece of string, a knife to cut into the ground whatever is easiest).

  2. Remove the bricks and cut the ground down inside of the circle down about an inch to remove all the grass and have only exposed dirt (assuming this is on grass). I did mine on my pea gravel so I moved the pea gravel out of the way and cut out the landscape fabric and removed it from underneath the area the pit was going.

  3. Make sure the ground is level.

  4. Once level, begin stacking your bricks! I did 12 for each layer, 4 rows high.

  5. Then add a layer of sand, about 1/2 an inch.

  6. Add your bag of pea gravel on top (all of this will help drainage when it rains)

  7. Add your bag of lava rocks.

Originally I got some adhesive to use to hold the bricks in place BUT after reading the label decided to return it because it didn't seem like it should be used near heat.

THAT IS IT YOU GUYS! One hour (MAX) and you have a wonderful fire pit in your own backyard!

I did make the mistake of building it at the beginning of summer so we only got one night of s'more out of it before it was before it was no longer safe to have fires anymore, but it was a great night!


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