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DIY Cattle Panel Trellis

I have been gushing over all of the pretty arch cattle panel trellises I have been seeing in my friends gardens and finally decided it was time for my garden to have one as well!

One of the main reasons I hadn't put one in my own garden was getting the 16 foot cattle panel home. We have no truck, just an SUV but I wasn't going to let that stop me. It was a wild ride but we did make it home with the cattle panel on top of our SUV. I may have had a mini panic attack the entire two mile drive home, it may have fallen off at one point, but WE MADE IT.

Okay let's get building, you will need:

  • 16 foot cattle panel

  • 4 t-posts

  • Fence Fasteners (I used 3 per post for a total of 12 but you can probably get away with just using 2)

  • T-post Driver

You can find all of the supplies above at Tractor Supply or Lowe's and both offer curbside pick up right now so that is definitely a bonus!

Now that you have safely made it home with the goods, time to get to work!

1. Pick your spot and drive your t-posts.

I knew I wanted my arch to be bordered by 2 raised garden beds. I already had one in place (pumpkins) so my husband put two of the t-posts on the outside of the bed about 4 feet apart. The other two t-post we put opposite of them about 4 feet away from the pumpkin bed, basically making a 4' x 4' square with the posts. I must apologize as I did not take picture between getting home and finishing, I am working on documenting more.

2. Put the cattle panel in place.

Once your t-post are in place it is time to add the cattle panel. THIS IS A TWO (WO)MAN JOB! Put one end of the cattle panel on the ground at the base of the two t-posts and then bend it in half and pull the other end down so the end of the cattle panel touches the ground and aligns with the opposite t-posts. It should stay in place by itself at this point.

3. Attach the cattle panel to the t-posts.

Once the cattle panel is where you want it to go, attach it to the t-posts with the fence fasteners. Use pliers to squeeze the ends of the fasteners together around the cattle panel to secure it.


Now is the fun part, plant your seeds in the ground at the base of the panels or put boxes on the sides and get growing! I moved a small raised bed I had on my porch to the other side of the trellis and planted some pole beans and have pumpkins on the other side.

Here is the final product!

It will add such a lovely, whimsical touch to any garden and will be even better when it is covered in beans!


Aug 06, 2020

Thank you Wilma and Sarah! Oh no Wilma, sometimes that happens automatically when you start getting e-mails from a new address.


Aug 05, 2020

This is going to be so amazing covered in beans! Can't wait to see!


Wilma Stanton
Wilma Stanton
Aug 03, 2020

that's great....I just found this in my "junk"....and several others of your messages to me...that is just WRONG....will have to keep on this and try to remove it from there

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