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DIY Glitter Christmas Tree Star For Kids of All Ages

Growing up, the star on our Christmas tree was this small plastic star covered in glitter that my brother and I made. It was always my favorite item of decoration my mom had so I decided to have my son recreate one for our tree this year.

It is the perfect activity for littles ones. They will create a star you will cherish forever, as my mom did, and in less than ten minutes and for under ten bucks.

What you need:

  • plastic star (I found this one at Target for $5)

  • glitter

  • Modge-podge or white glue

How to do it:

1. Cover your star in a relatively thick layer of modge-podge or white glue.

2. Sprinkle your glitter all over the modge-podge. We used red and green to go with our Christmas decorations, but any colors will work.

3. Once the glitter is done to your liking let the modge-podge (or glue) dry. Once dry add another coat of modge-podge or glue over the glitter to help keep it in place and let it dry.

4. Put that beauty on top of your tree!

AND THAT IS IT! Now you have a gorgeous star for your Christmas tree, and a fun activity to do with your kiddo(s).

Happy Holidays!


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