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Giving Seeds As Gifts-The Gift of Gardening

My husband and I met when we were in college, he graduated two years before me and we did the long distance thing for about a year and a half until he got a job near campus and moved in with me in October of 2014. Neither of us had much money so we decided to give the gift of baked goods that year for Christmas instead of spending way too much money on gifts that people probably wouldn't even like. So we went and made a ridiculous amount of chocolate chip cookies and ginger snaps and gave them to our families and friends and EVERYONE LOVED IT! So to this day, we do not give gifts we give cookies, those same exact cookies.

Last year I started my garden and in the fall noticed all the seeds I could potentially save from the pumpkins and marigolds. So I saved the seeds, bought inexpensive paper seed packets from Amazon (see link at bottom), got a cute marigold stamp from Etsy and packaged up my saved seeds wrapped them in some twine and VOILA the gift of seed!

You don't even have to do that much honestly, you can make homemade packs out of paper you have lying around the house and tape. If you have kids, they can decorate the packs (T will definitely be doing that this year) or you can draw on them yourself even if you are not an artist your friends and family will love the personalized touch.

Last year I only gave pumpkin and marigold seeds because that is all I thought to save but this year I plant to save as many seeds as I can (do I smell another post) and give them as gifts again this year for Christmas, along with the cookies of course.

The best part about this gift is seeing people who normally may not be excited about gardening feel inspired to start growing something all because you gave them small packet of seeds. All spring and summer I have been getting pictures from people I gave these seeds to of their marigold flowers, and it is has been so fun seeing others get excited about gardening like I have. Remember, if you have the gardening bug SPREAD IT! you never know who needs it.



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