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How My Family Plans Meals

People have always been intrigued about how my family meal plans. At my last job my coworkers would ask me almost everyday what was for dinner because they knew I had it all planned out and it was going to be something good!

This meal planning business all started when my husband and I first moved in together. We would go grocery shopping, spend a fortune, come home to cook dinner and have absolutely nothing to make.

So, I went on Amazon and bought a weekly meal planner sticker and stuck that baby to our fridge and it was the best thing that ever happens to dinnertime.

(Pardon the horrible quality image above, but it is the only one I could find of the original meal planner sticker.)

My husband and I sit down every week and plan our meals for that week. We write them on the board (well used to) and make a grocery list. We have moved several times since we bought the weekly planner so we do not have it anymore but we still plan our meals together. Instead of writing on the planner we do it on our phones using the Evernote app (it's free and so helpful) and we also make our grocery list right there too. This makes it easy for both of us to add things to the grocery list if we think of something before/after we have our sit down since the list is shareable.

Below is the imagine of this weeks grocery list and meals.

My husband and I both love food and cooking so we always have so much fun coming up with new creative meals, and of course we always keep a few staples in the rotation.

Planning meals make dinner time so easy and fun, and it is amazing how much money you save when you only buy food from the store you know you are going to eat, this also reduced food waste!

PS. Writing this inspired me to get a new meal planner!

Once my meal planner gets here, I will post a picture of my meal list on the homepage ever week with a link to the recipes.This way you all can see what's for dinner at my house and hopefully get inspired to try some new meals!

This is the menu planner I ended up getting:


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