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Keeping the Deer Out AKA Fence Building

About a week after putting the new beds in and planting my veggies, something horrible happened....DEER GOT IN THE GARDEN! How did they get in you ask...well they just walked because I had ZERO protection around my garden area.

Everyone had warned me, I couldn't just have garden beds in our area without protection from the wildlife but I am stubborn and said it would be fine and went on my merry way because I did not want to build a fence.

I tried garlicy, peppery, rotten milky concoctions sprayed everywher, I tried soaps, I tried everything to get out of spending the money on a fence BUT the deer were eating EVERYTHING! So I talked my brother into helping me build a simple small fence, that turned into a much larger fence with two gates. He obliged however and we got to work.

We used four circular wooden post, cemented into the ground for the gate supports. For the fencing we used smaller wooden posts, existing t-posts and a very large roll of five foot galvanized fencing. I wish I had more details on the gates, all I know is it is some sort of pressure treated wood covered in galvanized fencing.


We used a post hole digger to dig the holes for the wood posts to be cemented in to support the gates.

....that is all we did this day as it takes 24 hours (at least) for the cement to dry and it was ridiculously hot.

We DID also fix the retaining wall with some t-posts. It had fallen down before we moved in.

Fallen retaining wall before

Retaining wall AFTER

Side note: about this time I got the idea that I would pull all of the weeds in the garden area that I didn't cover in mulch around the was fun at first....but didn't stay that way long. We did end up putting cardboard down and mulching the entire area after the fence went in. See very bottom of post for photo.


On the second day we used a post hammer to hammer in the wooden posts and attached the fencing to those.

That is my brother working hard, you can see the first side of the fencing is done. I decided to leave the grapevine outside of the fencing otherwise it would have been crushed by the fence as the area in front of it is parking.
The first side of the fence is done.

We decided to leave the grapevine (to the left of my brother) outside of the fence because the area in front of it is part of the driveway and it would have been smashed up against the fence. The deer eat most of it, but some vines come over the fence and we get a small amount of grapes off of those.

Grapevine Pre-Fence

Grapevine Post-Fence from the garden side

The arch in that photo below is the one my husband and I were married under, and was built by his family so we had to have it as the entrance to our garden.

Baby T watching his uncle work

Day 3: GATES

On the third day we built and attached the gates, I wish I had paid more attention to this part of the process but I did not, so that is all I have to say....SORRY!

The main gate is in!

All done! Sorry deer, no more buffet!

Once it was all gated, I realized weeding that large of a space was going to be a huge pain so I put down a thick layer of cardboard and added a thick layer of mulch to that and the garden was finally done and DEER PROOF!

(I will add that at least one deer have jumped the five foot fence BUT my dog notified me of his invasion and I scared him off and haven't seen another one since).

Pure joy after finishing the garden!

BUT it needed one final touch.

NOW, it was done! It will forever be my happy place!

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