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Saving Zucchini/Squash Seeds

Saving Zucchini (or any squash/pumpkin) seeds is so fun and easy!

You want to start by picking the zucchini you want to save seeds from. You want it to be BIG. REALY BIG. Let that baby grow until it won't grow no mo. (Okay I'm done)

This is the big guy I chose, and the LAST zucchini I had growing! I almost missed out on saving seeds this year because of poor planning on my part.

Next, all you want to do is cut your zucchini in half (or squash, pumpkin etc.) and scoop out the seeds and guts.

You will cut some of the seeds doing this, but there will still be LOTS left for you to save so do not worry.

Now, you want to pick the seeds out of the gunk. Look for the biggest and plumpest seeds to save. This is a great job for your little one/ones to help with too!

Then, rinse all the gunk off the seeds and place them on a paper towel (or whatever you prefer) to dry.

Give the seeds several days to dry out and VOILA, grey zucchini seeds for next year.

Be sure to store your seeds in a cool dark place. I prefer paper packages but whatever you have on hand will work.

REMEMBER, if you were growing other types of zucchini/squash/pumpkins or other people in your neighborhood are, the plant that is produced may not be a grey zucchini but some sort of cross. Check this article out for more info on that!

Happy Seed Saving!


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