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Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For the Gardener in Your Life

Valentine's Day is approaching quickly. This year aim to get a more sustainable gift for your loved ones instead of ones that are going to end up in the garbage.

1. Rose Bush Instead of Bouquet of Roses

Ladies and gents love roses, but a bouquet of roses costs a fortune and inevitably will end up dying after a few weeks. This year consider switching the old bouquet out for a BUSH. A rose bush can be planted in the ground, or in a pot if you do not have the space, and be enjoyed for years. They are also much cheaper than a cut bouquet and your loved one can make a lifetime of bouquets out of it.

2. Fruit Tree Instead of Fruit Bouquet

I know you have seen those adorable fruit bouquets, maybe you are even considering that for your partner for this upcoming Valentine's Day, I urge you to reconsider. Instead, think about a fruit tree! Some of you may say, you have no space. Well, there are TONS of dwarf varieties of tree that an be grown in a pot on a doorstep or balcony. Fruit trees can also be planted as soon as the ground is workable so you do not have to wait until after your last frost.

3. Strawberry Plants Instead of Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This one is a very affordable option for anyone. You can get pots suitable for strawberries at any dollar store and a 6-pack of strawberry plants for around 3 bucks or a pack of seeds for the same at a local nursery. Most areas of the world don't sell strawberry plants until spring, but if you are in warmer climates you may be able to find them year round. If you are in colder parts of the world while celebrating Valentine's Day get a pot, and put some seeds in it and make a cute little basket out of it and don't forget to include a small bag of soil. I guarantee your partner will love it!

You can also switch this one up and do seeds of their favorite flower in a pot/basket as well...or BOTH.

4. Native Perrenials Instead of a Teddy Bear

Okay this one might be a stretch for some, but nothing would make me happier than getting some native perrenial plants to add to the open spaces I have in my yard. They last a lifetime and any gardener would love this thoughtful, and most likely, unexpected gift. For Californians like me those include, Hummingbird Sage, Douglas Irisis, California Poppies, and Splendid Mariposa Lily. Some of these may need to be given in bulb or seed form this time of year which may seem like an unattractive gift, but I assure you it is not!

Don't shy away from bulbs, tubers, and seed if you cannot find plants avaiable this time of year. Gardeners love planting their gardens just as miush as they do looking at it and harvesting from it.

Happy Gardening and Happy Valentine's Day!


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