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This Week's Dinner Menu (August 13th-August 19th)

Hello, hello!

It is time to make that meal plan AGAIN! Why is cooking so horrible when it is HOT?? This week is going to be especially hot for us and I am DREADING cooking, but we have to keep those bellies full so here goes nothing!

Thursday: Rotisserie Chicken Salad

Bored of it yet? Just lettuce, cut up rotisserie chicken and your favorite toppings and dressing! I use the leftover chicken to make broth and will be adding a recipe for that very soon!

This is going to be a first for us! I will make some Tzatziki sauce to go with it, as well as lemon garlic rice and pita bread! I will also grill up whatever veggies we have on hand to go with it all!

Saturday: Beef Ramen Stir Fry, Egg Drop Soup and Pot Stickers!

I will cheat and just make frozen pot stickers to go on the side, maybe some day I will try home made!

Sunday: Black Bean Enchiladas

So I do not have a recipe for these, but here is what I do. Get a can of refried black beans, mix them with a big spoonful of sour cream, 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Monterey jack cheese and a can of diced green chiles. Then put them in your tortillas and cover in your favorite enchilada sauce!

Monday: Beef Stroganoff

So I cheat on this one. My dad has always made beef stroganoff using the instructions on the back of one of the seasoning packets for it. I have tried all of the homemade recipes and always end up going back to that seasoning packet and that is what I will do this week!


We will be eating this weekly because I just love it! Quick, easy, and delicious!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and gets some yummy meal ideas!


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