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This Week's Dinner's (August 6th-August 12th)

Hello All!

It is that time of week again, meal planning and grocery shopping!

Our glass stove top cracked this week so it is our of commission for a few days until we can get a whole new stove, hopefully this weekend, so the first few days will be recipes that don't require a stove top.

Well here's what we are having:

Thursday: Rotisserie Chicken Salad

This one may get boring to you all, but we do it pretty much every grocery shopping day because it is so quick and easy! Just lettuce, cut up rotisserie chicken and your favorite toppings and dressing! I use the leftover chicken to make broth and will be adding a recipe for that very soon!

Friday: BBQ Steak, Instant Pot Syracuse Salty Potatoes, and Grilled Garden Veggies!

I will be making the steak on the BBQ, this is the marinade I use, it is so good! I marinade my steaks at least 24 hours before BBQing. I do leave out the hot pepper sauce because I am cooking for a toddler.

Here is the link for the taters!

As far as the veggies go I just cover them in oil salt and pepper and grill them on the BBQ until tender!

Saturday: PIZZA!

Best pizza dough recipe! It is a very fluffy, thick dough.

Here is the red sauce I use!

Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

Sunday: Basil Pesto and Italian Sausage

For some reason a recipe for homemade creamy pest does not exist (I will work on it), they all say add here is the pesto recipe I will use. Then I will add that to this creamy pesto recipe. I have not tried this combo before but it sounds delicious!

Then I will just cook up some mild Italian sausage, cut them up and throw them in.

We will be eating this weekly because I just love it! Quick, easy, and delicious!


Can't let all of this delicious food go to waste!

Wednesday: Chicken Stir Fry

Here it the recipe! This will be my first time trying this particular one, hope it is as yummy as it looks.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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