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This Week's Dinners! July 23rd-29th

Hey all! It is that time of the week again, meal planning and grocery shopping! Here's what we are having this week!

THURSDAY: Rotisserie Chicken Salad

This one is as easy as it gets, we buy a bunch of lettuce and a rotisserie chicken. Shred it all, add your favorite toppings (tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons, cheese etc.) and don't forget your favorite dressing. I do like to make my own dressing, this one is my favorite!

This is a repeat from last week because it was SO GOOD! We will definitely be eating it several times a month!


We do homemade pizza once a week! This time we will have sausage, mushroom, and olive.

Best pizza dough recipe!

Here is the red sauce I use!

We will serve it over Instant Pot Brown Rice!

MONDAY: White Cheddar Mac & Cheese


TUESDAY: Skillet Chicken, Brown Rice and Veggies from the garden!

As you will soon see, we have this about once a week also! It's super yummy, pretty healthy and is a great way to use our garden veggies!


Make it easy on yourself!

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