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Saving Basil Seeds

Next up on the seed saving journey is BASIL!

I love basil so much and plan to grow TONS more next year so I am going to save as many seeds as I can.

To start, let your basil plant flower, avoid pinching off the flowers towards the end of the season if you want to save seeds.

Each little pod looking thing above and below contains basil seeds. It seems like for my basil plants everyone had about 4 seeds. You will want to wait to harvest those seeds until they have completely dried out.

Once they have dried you will pull the pods off of the stem. I just squished the pods between my fingers to get the seeds out.

Then I put the seeds in my little seed envelopes and it is that easy! You now have a ton of basil seeds to plant next season (or indoor over the winter).

Happy Seed Saving!


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