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Saving Marigold Seeds

Marigolds are such beautiful plants to have in the garden, and if you buy seeds or starts once I promise you, you will never have to buy them again. Marigolds produce a TON of seeds and are so beneficial for your vegetable garden. They are said to attract bugs, so the bugs go to the marigolds and not your veggie plants. Bees also love them! I highly recommend them.

The first step in saving marigold seeds is to let the flower dry completely. See how in the image below the flower is completely brown with no green in sight and starting to droop. That means that baby is ready to collect seeds from.

The flower/seeds will break off very easily if you just give it a little pull.

The seeds come out super easily. I like to pull off the dead flower petals before I remove my seeds. I do this by holding the base of the flower, and pulling on the dead flower petals. They should come off easily. Once the flower petals are off you can just pull the flower seeds out, or hold the pod upside down and give it a little squeeze between your fingers and they should fall right out.

And just like that, you harvested you marigold seeds, and didn't I tell you there would be a TON!

Now all you have to do is store them in a cool dry place and you have marigold seeds for life!

Happy seed saving!


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