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Herb & Flower Glass Ornaments

What you need:

  • glass ornaments (Wal Mart sells a pack of 8 for 4 bucks)

  • dried herbs

  • dried flowers

  • anything else you want to put in an ornament

  • string/yarn/metal hook (to hang ornament on tree)


Collect your supplies! Once you have your supplies remove the tops from your glass ornaments. You remove the tops simply by gently pulling and squeezing the metal top of the ornaments.


Once you have decided what you want to put inside your glass ornaments, do just that!

I am making two ornaments, one with herbs, and one with dried flowers.

You will want to gently push your herbs and flowers through the top hole of the ornament. Since they are dried, the flowers and herbs tend to be a bit brittle so try not to push them in too hard. The glass ornaments I got have very small openings on top so I am using smaller strawflowers I already had dried and smaller herbs such as sage and thyme.

Put as many items inside your ornaments as you desire. I like a simple, not packed look to my ornaments, so I did just a few in each.


Put the tops back on your ornaments.


Attach a string, yarn or metal hanger to the top of your ornaments.


Hang them on your tree and enjoy!

Remember you can fill these with absolutely anything! I also made one filled with sea glass and another with my sons baby hat from the hospital in it, the possibilities are endless.

Happy Holidays & Happy Gardening

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